Exclusive UK video premiere: Eternal Halloween’s new track

Eternal Halloween 192Just to make sure everyone knows their name, Eternal Halloween will be releasing an album called Eternal Halloween later this year (I’m hoping October 31st), and today we present the premier of the video for the title track… “Eternal Halloween”.

It contains just about everything that gave heavy metal a bad name in the popular press – dark lyrics, scary masks, blood, pig’s heads, satanic imagery, near-subliminal messages… This is the kind of video that, had it been released in the 90’s, would have sealed the deal for Tipper Gore’s PMRC and wasted the efforts of Dee Snider and John Denver.

Led by Dave Devil the members of this anonymous group are fit to be described as condemned souls leading their own revolution against modern society and religious establishments. Not much of a surprise as Jesus Christ is depicted by Dave Devil in a reenactment of his crucifixion:

Praying has never solved my problems anyhow…life gets tougher with the weak killing them by getting sick.

Regardless of which side you are on, metal music has on multiple occasions being accused for putting religious topics into question and what is largely ignored within this argument is the fact that most metal bands use the imagery and themes of multiple religions and occult practices yet in obedience to none. Ghost have been described as a “Grammy Winning Satanic Band” whilst according to The Guardian over 6,000 residents of Wales and England register their religion as “heavy metal”.

So sit back in the throne you’ve made from the skulls of your enemies, with your goblet of virgin’s blood and soak yourself in some evil visuals.

Eternal Halloween: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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