Wednesday Video Roundup: Equilibrium, Revenience, Anna’s Anchor, Sertraline

As we approach Bloodstock, we’re starting to frontload these so you may not get any updates over the weekend. Most of us will be in a field! Hopefully see a load of you down there!

Equilibrium – “Eternal Destination”

German epic metal pioneers, Equilibrium, will set aflame a brand new bonfire this summer with their fifth studio album. Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost two years working on this new opus called Armageddon. The result is rather dark, while retaining the bombast and folk elements of the previous records. James reviewed it the other day and you can check out a track from it below.

Revenience – “A-maze”

Revenience, a brand new female fronted goth-tinged modern metal act recently released the opening single from the upcoming album Daedalum. Progressive, gothic, symphonic metal and also electronic music influences are present, all elements contributing to the rich personality of their music.

Anna’s Anchor – “Hampton”

In the lead up to the release of debut album Nautical Miles, Irish solo artist Anna’s Anchor has released the poignant video for single “Hampton”. Marty Ryan, the man, heart and soul behind the Limerick based indie-emo-pop act, gives an insight into the track:

It’s about how due to various abuses from one of my parents, the family and home in Oakhampton was split in two. It was a sad, angry and unsure time but it has a positive outlook despite all of this!

Sertraline – “Change of Heart”

Having finished off their recent UK tour with a packed hometown show, Stoke natives Sertraline are delighted to be celebrating the release of their powerful new single “Change of Heart”.

In a genre defying play, Sertraline pull in elements spanning everything from metalcore to straight up hard rock, overlaid with the vocal prowess of Lizzie Parry. Here is a band that is doing it their own way and loving every minute of it. Want to know more about “Change of Heart”? Hear it straight from Sertraline’s Lizzie herself:

People are unpredictable. “Change of Heart” highlights that you never really know what a person is capable of. At first glance, there are two characters in the story. There’s actually three.

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