Thursday Video Roundup: RavenEye, Clutch, Reject The Sickness, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man

A nice pile to choose from so hopefully there’ll be something here to make you consider ordering an album or four…

RavenEye – “Hero”

UK trio RavenEye are set to release their debut album – Nova – worldwide on September 23rd via their new label, Frontiers Music Srl. Speaking about the video for “Hero”, singer/guitarist Oli Brown says:

“Hero”, ironically, is inspired by the idea of complacency and how it can lull one into feeling bigger than who one really is and for all the wrong reasons. RavenEye is driven by the idea of pushing harder everyday, rather than taking a backseat to other people’s efforts. Believing you’re the hero – while others are left to pick up the pieces and fix the ‘wreckage left behind’.

Clutch – “A Quick Death in Texas”

Clutch have released their new video for the song “A Quick Death In Texas”. Frontman Neil Fallon had this to say about it:

The video for “Quick Death In Texas” was a lot of fun to make. Dave Brodsky and his crew did a great job and considering that the whole shoot was done in a single day is astonishing. The cast at Wild West City are a great group of folks. In a world of monster corporate theme parks, Wild West City is a rare gem. I won’t lie, I had a blast playing cowboy for a day, even if it meant getting repeatedly killed, sometimes by desperados, sometimes by trusted bandmates. Originally, I was going to be drawn-and-quartered, but we didn’t have the budget for four horses. So we opted for a traditional one-horse-dragging. And Lucky, the painted roan, did a fine job of delivering justice.

Reject The Sickness – “My Agony”

Belgium’s Reject The Sickness self-recorded their album Chains of Solitude and released it in 2015. They’re now pushing it worldwide and have dropped a video for “My Agony” to help spread the word.

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – “Hectic Danger Day”

Small venues are closing all over the country – bought out, forced to close by whinging neighbours who move next door and don’t like the noise (then don’t buy something next to a venue, you dick), compulsory purchase orders… you name it. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are suitably annoyed by this and have released “Hectic Danger Says” as their voice of protest.

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