Friday Video Roundup: HammerFall, Save Face, Gatecreeper, Art of Dying

My first roundup in a couple of days – thanks to James for covering as I had a ton of other work to do. Nice to be able to kick off with this corker, too…

HammerFall – “The Sacred Vow”

Sweden’s heavy metal legends HammerFall are back, and are not just celebrating 20 years of a successful career which inspired an entire genre and beyond, but they are also releasing their brand new and 10th studio album Built To Last on November 4th 2016 on Napalm Records.

Today the band unleashed the first track by unveiling a lyric video for the song ‘The Sacred Vow’. The band comments:

Choosing a track for this was not easy, as we had several suitable songs. But “The Sacred Vow” is a pretty classic HammerFall tune and very representative of the album as a whole: speed, power, energy and with a catchy chorus that oozes of heavy metal spirit.

Save Face – “Backseat”

From the posh end of lyric videos to the real bleeding-edge budget side of things, Save Face filmed the following in a Denny’s restaurant during a rest stop on tour. Save Face released Folly on July 8th on 12″/CD/[amazon text=Digital&asin=B01HK5QGUU] via Take This To Heart Records and are currently in the north east portion of their full US tour.

Gatecreeper – “Desperation”

Arizona death metal newcomers Gatecreeper have released a new music video for the song “Desperation” from their forthcoming debut album Sonoran Depravation. The band commented on the music video:

We chose a robbery-gone-wrong scenario, focusing on the bloody aftermath and suspenseful get-away rather than the initial violence. The performance footage was filmed with a single camera in hopes of capturing the energy and intensity of our live shows to match the main character’s desperation as he tries to escape the horror he has created. In the end, the worlds collide leaving the viewer questioning what was real and what was a hallucination.

Sonoran Depravation is available to [amazon text=pre-order on Amazon&asin=B01JAFK03C].

Art of Dying – “Torn Down”

Art of Dying will have brand new music in tow on their 40+ US headlining tour. The Nevermore CD will be available at their shows and at and drops Sept 2 through other sources. Singer Jonny Hetherington tells us about the track:

“Torn Down” is about believing in yourself, plain and simple. Sometimes it’s hard to dig deep and find your pilot light in the darkness, but it’s there. I came across Amanda and Jonah’s (Amanda Todd and Jonah Mowrey) stories on YouTube and they really affected me. In a way, they both inspired this song. Unfortunately we lost Amanda. I hope “Torn Down” can be a beacon to those who find themselves at the end of their rope.

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