Tuesday Video Roundup: Big Jesus, Blackfall, Fallen To Flux, Inter Arma

No roundup yesterday as there were exactly none in my queue. So, of course, a couple of hours later and a pile of them arrived. Typical. Ah well, you lot are the winners as there are some doozies to share today…

Big Jesus – “SP”

A band obviously hugely influenced by oversized Brazilian statues, Big Jesus have chucked up a stonking bit of fast-paced alt-rock with this song. It’s the opening track to their new album, Oneiric, out on September 30th. You can catch the band at the tail end of August supporting Citizen in London and Good Charlotte in Birmingham.

Blackfall – “This Hell”

An interesting piece of acoustic rock with a nice, seductive rhythm. If you like it then they’re debut EP, Vol. 1, is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Fallen to Flux – “Drifting”

Another track from London-based alt-rock group FtF’s upcoming LP Transitions. The album is coming ever closer with an August 5th release date.

Inter Arma – “The Summer Drones”

As heavy and doomy as a heavy doomy thing that’s eaten too much and is upset about it, “The Summer Drones” is from the band’s new full-length Paradise Gallows – out now.

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