Thursday Video Roundup: Antillectual, Surgical Meth Machine, Crisix, Nirnaeth

Day and a half to go… day and a half to go…

Antillectual – “I Wrote This Song”

Nijmegen-ese punk rockers Antillectual release their new album Engage! tomorrow (29th July). Here’s the second single from it.

Surgical Meth Machine – “Gates of Steel” (Devo cover)

Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen’s new project, Surgical Meth Machine, released their debut album last week via Nuclear Blast Records. The band have followed this up with a lyric video for their rendition of the Devo classic “Gates Of Steel”.

Crisix – “Five as One” (feat. Juan, Guillermo, Javi & Pla)

As  a statement against harsh ant-freedom of speech laws brought in by the Spanish government, Crisix penned the following song and drafted in friends to cover sections of the song in all the languages commonly used in Spain (Euskera, Català, Gallego and Español) and English. In addition, many other acts joined in with the video – too many to mention here! Check the information under the video by hopping through to YouTube for the list.

Nirnaeth – “Nihil in Me”

Nirnaeth have just unleashed their brand new music video for the song “Nihil in Me” taken from their forthcoming split 7″ EP with fellow French Black Metalers Azziard to be released on August 12.

Produced by France’s Bulldog Productions and filmed in just one day, the grim video perfectly depicts Nirnaeth’s new embodiment seven years after its latest full-length and its orthodox and more straight-to-the-point, even if at time more thrash-y, dark arts.

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