Saturday Video Roundup: Crobot, Sludgehammer, Farewell My Love, Everyday Sidekicks

When this post publishes, I’ll be necking all the spare jelly and ice cream at my youngest daughter’s birthday party. Rest assured I’ll be getting an ice-cream headache. Feel free to induce your own by banging along to this lot…

Crobot – “Not For Sale”

Confusingly “Not For Sale” is for sale. It’s the new single from Crobot, featured on upcoming album Fat City.

Sludgehammer – “Ectogenesis”

Some great, slamming metal from Sludgehammer who have recently released their debut album, The Fallen Sun. If you enjoy “Ectogenesis”, the full thing is available on bandcamp.

Farewell, My Love – “Never Stop”

Less heavy, more hard rock now. Farewell, My Love have just released their new album Above It All (yesterday, in fact) and it’s chock full of excellent songs like this one.

Everyday Sidekicks – “Fracture”

If there’s a song from this collection today that’ll kick you in the teeth, it’s this one from Bristolians Everyday Sidekicks. Post hardcore with a great side-helping of melody, “Fracture” is their new single with another due later in the summer… and tour dates to be announced.

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