Saturday Video Roundup: As Paradise Falls, Pain, The Vision Ablaze, White Crosses

How did we all make it to the weekend? Well, it’s here so don’t waste it on boring crap like Wimbledon. Get your rock on!

As Paradise Falls – “Digital Ritual”

An unusual one to kick off with – a short track, the first on APF’s new album – which features their new guitarist and vocalist… only they’re not saying who they are yet! In addition, though the vocalist appears in the video (in a Question of Sport-esque “mystery person” fashion), they don’t actually sing on the track as it’s an instrumental. It’s good to see the band back on track, though, after the sudden and tragic death of guitarist Glen Barrie last year.

Pain – “Black Knight Satellite”

Pain, the Swedish metal force led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren are ready to unleash the follow-up to 2011’s You Only Live Twice. After the substantial success of Peter’s Lindemann project with Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann, he retreated and took time to write another industrial metal album entitled Coming Home. The release of this record is scheduled for September 9th via Nuclear Blast.

In celebration of the new album, the band have released the track “Black Knight Satellite”:

The Vision Ablaze – “Absent”

Danish progressive metal quartet The Vision Ablaze have premiered a new video single for the song “Absent”, which opens their most recent album Youtopia. The album was released in September last year via Mighty Music, and was produced by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Mercenary, Volbeat, Pretty Maids).

About the story behind the track and how it complements the rest of the material on Youtopia, the band commented:

“Absent” is the first song on our album and it embodies many of the themes on the album; seeking truth, shattering illusions, questioning authorities and waking up. ‘Absent’ is the story of someone who must transcend the human illusion and save himself and humanity from the restraint of lies and deceit.

White Crosses – “Dead Souls”

Having recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records, the infectiously heartfelt post-hardcore/alt-punk outfit White Crosses unleash their “Dead Souls” video single.

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) the quartet, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vox/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums), produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release Native Handshakes in 2015. Releasing “Dead Souls” as a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP Anchorless, White Crosses are armed to bring their music to an international audience.

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