Bonus Video Roundup: Despised Icon, Welcome Back Delta, Furian, Nag

Some absolute corkers out over the last day or so, and a glut in particular this afternoon. It’d be daft to keep you waiting for them so…

Despised Icon – “Inner Demons”

Montreal’s Despised Icon released their latest album, Beast, today. To kick your arses into gear and get you paying attention to it, they’ve released this live band video of “Inner Demons”.

Welcome Back Delta – “Jeremy’s Iron”

Somewhat more lighthearted than the metalcore above are Welcome Back Delta from the somewhat more relaxed suburb of the Cotswalds. They have just announced their second album Sucker will be released digitally on August 12th 2016. Check out the amusing little video for “Jeremy’s Iron” below.

Furian – “What’s Up?”

Cranking up the angry again are Scousers Furian. With a mix of alt-rock and post-hardcore, they’ve grabbed themselves a fairly solid hold on a core audience and are set to push themselves further in coming months. Check out “What’s Up” for a four-minute explanation of why they’ll likely succeed.

Nag – “Ancient Wisdom”

Rounding up with something dark and crusty. It’s a Friday after all – your underpants will likely match this description before their weekly change. Just mine, then? Oh. Anyway, Nag take their name from the norse word for repressed anger and hatred, and are punk/crust influenced. Which you can hear by checking out the song below. It’s from their self-titled debut album due out on September 2nd.

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