Wednesday Video Roundup: Rootwork, The Oath, Bailer, Red Seas Fire

Midweek madness with another collection of this week’s biggest, best and most bonkers video releases.

Rootwork – “Code Talker”

Rootwork seem to be garnering some good press recently. Check them out for yourself and see if you think it’s deserved with this video from their Gallows Humour EP. “Code Talker” will be released as a single on June 24th.

The Oath – “Silent Dreams”

French blackened progressive death metal. Enjoy!

Bailer – “Anti-Venom”

Metal/hardcore newcomers Bailer have revealed the video for their latest single “Anti-Venom”, taken from their debut EP Shaped By The Landscape. The footage was shot during the band’s recent EP launch in their hometown of Cork, giving fans a glimpse of Bailer in a live environment.

Red Seas Fire – “Prisoner”

No, it’s not a Maiden cover, it’s a modern-day blast of metal that’ll pin your ears to the sides of your head.


Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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