Tuesday Video Roundup (Ashestoangels, Furr, Doro, Rage)

A bonus selection for you today in the runup to Download. For all of you going this year, as ever, I hate you all and your festival-going luckiness.

Ashestoangels – “Down We Go”

Talking of Download, this bunch will be there and to celebrate they’ve released a new video. You can catch them on the Dogtooth stage at 4:50 on the Sunday.

Furr – “Think Sharp Kid”

Hailing from Leeds, this rock quartet dropped this video yesterday. Simple visuals backed by a cracking tune.

Doro – “Love Me In Black (live)”

Another video to appear from the upcoming Strong and Proud – 30 Years Of Rock And Metal album/DVD, this makes three that have been released before the package’s June 24th release date. Consider your appetites well and truly whetted!

Rage – “The Devil Strikes Again”

Living up to the band’s name, this is one hell of an angry track. This is the title track from the band’s 3CD collection, due out on June 10th.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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