Thursday Video Roundup: Locrian, Killatrix, Projekt F, The Hypothesis

Late at night. Tired. No time to write blurb. Enjoy music. Go.

Locrian – “An Index Of Air”

One for the maths geeks, this video from Locrian’s 2015 album Infinite Dissolution features loads of pretty shapes bouncing about. Hypnotising madness.

Killatrix – “Supersonic”

Sounding like they erupted from Japan but actually from Essex, Killatrix release this bouncy bit of madness as a single on June 24th.

Projekt F – “Unbegun”

Montreal industrial monsters Project F released an EP, The Butterfly Effect, recently. Check out this crunching piece of metal from it.

The Hypothesis – “End of Your Days” (playthrough video)

Something a little different from Finland’s melodic metallers. We reviewed their album recently, and the video they’ve just released is an instrumental track. If your thing is watching two talented guitarists sat on a sofa rattling off riffs as if they were discussing corgis politely with the Queen then this’ll be your kind of thing.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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