Monday Video Roundup – Despised Icon, The Interrupters, Beyond The Fallen, ARP

Just rattling off the first few releases to drop into our inbox now that the PR folk have returned from this weekend’s Download Festival nursing hangovers and blisters from their wellies…

Despised Icon – “The Aftermath”

July 22nd sees Despised Icon release their first album via new home Nuclear Blast. Beast continues the deathcore pioneer’s long career and here’s the first track to surface from it.

The Interrupters – “By My Side”

Get bouncing this Monday with a cracking bit of ska courtesy of Los Angeles-based The Interrupters. See if you can spot the members of Rancid and Left Alone (amongst others) in the video! Their new album, Say It Out Loud is out on June 24th.

Beyond The Fallen –  “Anima” feat. Utau Yume

Nothing like a bit of variety to kick off the week so here’s some Italian industrial metalcore. Beyond The Fallen have just released this stand-alone single, acting as a bridge before recording a new album, featuring well-known cos-player Utau Yume.

ARP – “Reborn”

ARP is a prog-core project from Israel with an EP due later this year. “Reborn” will feature, but more news on the rest of the songs as we get it!

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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