Iron Maiden jet back home for Download headline slot

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Click for bigness

To be fair, this is just an excuse to publish a photo of Ed Force One and show you a video of “Death or Glory”. Everyone knows that Maiden will be closing the festival for the umpteenth time and are on a resurgence with the most recent Book of Souls album!

This is the band’s sixth Donington appearance, including Monsters of Rock back in the day and will be their only UK appearance of 2016. I’m sure we’ll see them next year as they round off the Book of Souls world tour which, amazingly, still has them visiting some countries for the first time (China and El Salvador).

Manager Rod Smallwood had the following to say about the tour so far:

The show is truly spectacular and the band are on top form so everything is going just great so far, well over half a million fans have already seen the show and reactions and reviews everywhere have been phenomenal. This is not a rock show anyone should miss. Because we have the space on Ed Force One we are able to bring to the fans everywhere the same full stadium and arena show we would put on in London or LA, including Eddie in his latest guises. At 10ft tall he certainly makes his presence felt on the stage, as anyone coming to the show will see for themselves!

High points to date have to include the two concerts in China, which clearly demonstrated the similarities of fans all around the planet. They knew every word and, even more amazingly, the Ministry of Culture allowed us to present our entire show with only a couple of very minor alterations, which I don’t think anyone expected would happen to this degree. We thought maybe Bruce ripping Eddie’s heart out on stage may pose an issue to them, but no, not at all. And the fans were terrific.

The stadium shows around South and Central America and Mexico were as spectacularly vibrant as always, as were the two sold-out shows at the LA Forum. In New Zealand many of us caught some local culture – Rugby! – and right across Australasia the fans were as passionate as ever. Add a couple of terrific shows in Tokyo and our first visit to South Africa in 21 years for two concerts, and it all adds up to a very special tour experience for everybody; fans, band and crew alike.

We really have had a blast with our fans and expect that to continue at Download in front of our home fans and then across the rest of Europe. Make sure you don’t miss this!!

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