Thursday Video Roundup (Farewell My Love, Virus, Ice Nine Kills, Despite)

I’ve got a long weekend off coming up, which my feet will thank me for after all the legwork I’ve put in this week! So this is technically my “weekend mix”. Better be a good one, eh?

Farewell, My Love – “Crazy”

Some happy-go lucky goth(ish)-rock to kick things off. Farewell, My Love hit the UK for the first time last year and – after several EPs and an album – have more plans for 2016.

Ice Nine Kills – “Hell In The Hallways”

I found this one by accident on YouTube and it’s a great video – the second in a series, it turns out. Great song and an impressive effects-laden remake of the classic Carrie film. Part one of the series riffs on The Exorcist.

Virus – “Rogue Fossil”

Not the 80’s classic thrash act, but the Norwegian avantgarde rock/metal band. They released Memento Colliderlast month and here’s a taster from it.

Despite – “As You Bleed”

A nice pummelling to finish with the three-guitar (8 strings apiece) assault of Sweden’s Despite. Their new album Synergi is out on July 22nd.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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