Friday Video Roundup (Zakk Wylde, Ashestoangels, Band of Skulls, Sever Black Paranoia)

End of term, and time to celebrate with today’s top four “videos what we have been sent”. If it’s not the end of term for you then I’ll celebrate on your behalf. I’m nice like that.

Zakk Wylde – “Sleeping Dogs”

As if Zakk Wylde needs an introduction… OK, then. Book of Shadows II, the album from which the track comes, is out on April 8th. Corey Taylor features on the album version. Wylde has this to say about the video:

Black Label Brethren O’ Doom Father Justin Reich did another amazing job directing the video. I asked Father Justin to capture the sights, sounds, smell and feel of the first day my parents dropped me off at kindergarten. Watching the video made me realise why I’m so fond of reading and vegetables.

Ashestoangels – “Not In My Name”

Ashestoangels release their new album How To Bleed on April 15th and begin their first headline tour earlier in the month. To get you bouncing in excitement beforehand, here’s the new video.

Band Of Skulls – “Killer”

A funky little number from Band of Skulls – their first from their debut release on BMG, By Default, which is released on May 27th. You can catch the band live in the UK at the end of April and beginning of May (and at Glastonbury) but hurry up… several of the dates are already sold out!

Sever Black Paranoia – “Insanity”

Electro/death overload courtesy of Japanese mentalists Sever Black Paranoia to round things off today. Keeping quiet since 2013 they’re on the verge of releasing their debut LP ELIZA on May 20th.

Insanity was created with a unique view on the world. We used sounds differing from other electronica bands, as well as uses new sources of electronica element. This song could be described as a dark parade of sounds and lyrics being unleashed upon the world.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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