Friday Video Roundup (IDestroy, Rapheumets Well, Spiritual Beggars, Saintorment)

End of the week and time to wind down / build yourself up for the long weekend. Enjoy today’s foursome and if you like the videos, please share ’em and give the bands some exposure!

IDestroy – “State Of The Art”

Gary chatted to IDestroy in Edinburgh recently, then was very impressed by their live set. Their debut EP is out now and you can check out this song from it. Then hopefully decide that you need to buy a copy!

Spiritual Beggars – “Hard Road”

Nine albums into their career, just back from a European tour and long-running Swedish rockers Spiritual Beggars keep ’em coming. “Hard Road” is from that ninth album, Sunrise to Sundown.

Saintorment – Empty Sign

Latvian thrash metal. That’s a great sentence. And this is a great track. It’s from their latest release Well of Sins which came out in December.

Rapheumets Well – “Crucible of Titans”

Ending with something nice and heavy, Rapheumets Well have been getting a bit of well-deserved publicity recently. So here’s some more for them.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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April 29, 2016 3:43 PM

This is great! Great bands and support.