Wednesday Video Roundup (Demonstealer, Circle of Dust, Årabrot, Gears)

Ah, Wednesday. The hillock in the middle of the week before two days off. Here to help hump you over that hillock are a handful of new-ish releases. Have a happy headbang over your lunchtime humus!

Demonstealer – “When The Hope Withers And Dies”

The second single from the album This Burden Is Mine with George Kollias on drums and a guest guitar solo by Nishith Hegde from Demonic Resurrection.

Circle of Dust – “Contagion”

Industrial rock legend Circle of Dust has released a music video for his track “Contagion”. This is the first-ever music music video to be created using iOS “reality distortion” app Hyperspektiv, which was developed by a three-man team including founding Glitch Mob member Justin Boreta.

Årabrot – “Tall Man”

The latest track from new album The Gospel has been released to coincide with the band’s upcoming UK tour. The band will hit London, Stoke, Glasgow and Leeds from the 17th – 20th of March.

Gears – “Take Away”

Miami, Florida based hard rock band Gears have released a lyric video for their track “Take Away” from their new EP Pride Comes Before The Fall which is available now.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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