Tuesday Video Roundup (Hayseed Dixie, Cage 9, Brocker, Reject the Sickness)

We took a break yesterday as it was a bank holiday. As the day drew to a close, more videos started to drop into the inbox and facebook feed making today’s selection quite a difficult choice to make… Remember we only do four a day. Well, let’s kick off another 4-day working week in style.

Hayseed Dixie – “Don’t Stop Believing”

Barley Scotch (John Wheeler) is joined by his favourite My Little Pony friends in this mildly disturbing video for their cover of the Journey classic from last year’s Hair Down To My Grass album. Worryingly, if they decide to complete the set, the second video featuring a naked band member in the shower.

Cage9 – “Everything You Love Will Someday Die”

Well, if this doesn’t counterpoint the first video, nothing will. This is the band’s first single from upcoming album Illuminator, due out on June 10th through David Ellefson’s EMP Label Group.

Brocker – “Gimme Gimme Rock N’ Roll”

London punk rockers Brocker have just released this bouncy number. “This song is about how the music industry is destroying real music for the money,” says vocalist Pako Mugica. “The video shows the effort of how a band gets to a gig, carry their equipment, play and party for the love of it. Rock n Roll!”

Reject The Sickness – “My Agony”

In case all that cheery, bouncy stuff was getting you down here’s something a bit heavier and more miserable. The Belgian melodic death crew penned this track about “the inner fight of a trauma after molestation. The video shows the mind-struggle of the victim. Pain, suffering, hope, redemption, revenge…”.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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