Saturday video roundup (inc. SymbolicDivine, Toseland, Normandie and more)

Here are a few tunes to kick-start your weekend! Days off? Chill out to them. Working? Rage to them. We have you all covered here at Moshville Times!

Cortes – “Close To Nowhere”

As is the story for many new bands, Cortes were born out of a vibrant London underworld of jam sessions and dark sweaty gigs. Meeting in 2012 and bonding over Hendrix, Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, it wasn’t long before their insatiable desire to better their peers resulted in the official formation of ‘Cortes’, and so the tale begins… “Close To Nowhere” is their debut single and you can get it in iTunes.

Tendonitis – “Clandestine”

Let’s call it melodic, thrash, black or heavy metal – Tendonitis somehow manages to combine harshness, profound lyrics and unique melodies into an atmosphere that cannot be described with common attributes and needs to be experienced.

SymbolicDivine – “Our Sacrament”

Canadian nu melodic death band SymbolicDivine release a brand new music video “Our Sacrament” from the upcoming album that will be released this year. Video directed By Brendan Petersen of Darkslide Pictures.

Toseland – “Puppet on a Chain”

The brand new Toseland album, Cradle The Rage, will be released worldwide on the 11th March 2016. The band will be touring the UK from the 13th to the 26th of March.

Suasion – “Horizon”

Rendering influence from a constellation of areas, from the venom of Architects and The Devil Wears Prada, to the guile of Northlane and Bring Me The Horizon, Suasion astutely merge metallic riffery and raw aggression with woven dynamics and heartfelt emotion. The Belgian metalcore crew have just released the brand news video single for “Horizon”.

Normandie – “Awakening”

Swedish rock outfit Normandie have confirmed a new UK release date of the 4th March for their explosive debut album Inguz. The band were originally meant to release the record yesterday (19th February) but have rescheduled since their recent US signing to InVogue Records.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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