Darkest Era release video and announce 7″ single

Darkest Era - SeveranceCeltic metal band Darkest Era have released a new animated video for “Songs of Gods and Men” from acclaimed 2014 album Severance. Check it out below.

This wonderful video was created by French/Irish Artist Anaïs Chareyre (of Penny Dreadful fame) who had this to say about it:

The concept of this animation is about choices we make in life. This witch/woman is a representation of the Change, a step to something unknown, good or bad. She is the Fool tarot card, a promise for something definitely different. Sometimes in life we do need a radical change, but we are scared to walk to her. I went to her twice in my life, and twice I was terrified. But so far she is still smiling at me, even though she could change her face anytime, and I am aware of it. This is my first animation and I am really glad I could have such an awesome track as background, I hope you enjoy it!

Cruz Del Sur Music and the band will co-release a new 7″ called “An Dagda Awakens” / “Elohim” on November 20. Cover artwork and an audio-teaser will be revealed soon.

Severance is streaming in its entirety over on bandcamp.

To purchase Severance on CD and vinyl formats, head to Cruz Del Sur Music’s online store.

Darkest Era: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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