My first ever gig in Bradford – Death, 28th September 1993

Death logo smallA mate of mine just linked to this video on facebook and I’m sharing it here. I’ve no idea what it was recorded on, given the date, but it’s watchable enough (over people’s heads!) and the sounds… OK.

It does bring back a lot of memories for me. I was due to start uni at Bradford, register and check into halls of residence at least on the 29th of September. No worries, thinks I, They’ll let me in one night early, surely?

Erm, nope. A mate and drove down, parked up and ended up leaving a ton of crap in my car to go and see Death at the original Bradford Rios. And then slept in the car afterwards.

You know what? Bloody worth it. Hell, I ended up sleeping in my car when I was away with work on a regular basis some years later. Admittedly, it was a more comfy car, but all the same…

Enjoy the video. It’s the full gig. No idea if it’ll ever get hoiked down from YouTube, but I doubt it.

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