New Band of the Day: Pasadena Napalm Division

Best album sleeve ever?

I have a feeling that Pasadena Napalm Division are one of those “let’s rattle off a few songs for shits and giggles” supergroups like Stormtroopers of Death. One release and then the joke’s over. Which is a shame as it’s a damn fine joke.

I came across one of their videos on YouTube (below, as usual) completely at random and I love it. An entire thrash metal song with the lyrics spelled out letter by letter. You have to hear it to appreciate how mind-buggeringly good it is.

The band is fronted by D.R.I.‘s Kurt Brecht and also features three members of Dead Horse. Their facebook page is still live, but it doesn’t look like they tour too often as the last “event” was posted just over 2 years ago. However, the fact that the page is being updated makes me live in hope!

Their sound reminds me most of Nuclear Assault – that sort of proper old-school thrash. Or if you remember the olden days when Anthrax had a sense of humour. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is.

Ah! I’m researching this page as I write it. Digging up their bandpage gathers the following:

“We have a seven song demo recorded and released on Abyss Records and have just finished our first full length LP which will be available April 9th 2013 on minus HEAD Records.”

Great news! But perhaps not for my wallet…

And a final newsflash – I just purchased the demo from Abyss Records for $6 (autographed and with a free sticker!). The postage was twice that…

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