New Band of the Day: I am I

English: The singer ZP Theart from the band Dr...
ZP from the DragonForce days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I picked this bunch as they’re playing the Headbangers Balls date in Glasgow on August 4th. I’d not heard of them before this, but it seems they’re not as unknown as maybe I thought!

From the advertising for the gig:

The formidable driving force behind the band is the renowned vocalist ZP Theart. After his departure from DragonForce in 2010 he worked tirelessly to put together a new project and after searching out an incredibly talented group of musicians, the lineup was completed and the end result was one of the most exciting new bands of 2012, I AM I.

So we know the singer has a pedigree in a pretty big band. But how do they sound?

OK, obvious comparison to DragonForce – there isn’t really one. It’s far less widdly and, I would say, just a hair heavier from the songs I’ve listened to. Less speed metal, more traditional heavy metal. Certainly good stuff.

The usual sample video below – this one’s called “Silent Genocide”. For other stuff, go to their official web page which has links to all their other resources.

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