Saturday, February 23, 2019
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Video Roundup: Rumahoy, Grimner, WEAK13, Sons, Crowned Kings, Inner Circle Avenue

First roundup of the week. Dive in while the water’s hot… Rumahoy – “Forest Party” Pirates are known for their parties. And of course for lots of YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRs, but especially for their parties. So Rumahoy have decided YARRR, it’s time [...]

January 15, 2018 Videos

Classic Covers: WEAK13 – Halo

As we approach the end of the year, it’s good to look backwards as well as forwards… and what better way of doing that than with a classic cover? Especially one of a song that’s not exactly recent. Underground British [...]

December 30, 2017 Classic Covers

Video Roundup: Leaves’ Eyes, Nothing More, As December Falls, WEAK13, Lightblue, Sinaro

Midweek metal (and rock and pop punk and whatever) madness… Leaves’ Eyes – “Sign Of The Dragonhead” Leaves’ Eyes release their spectacular viking epic video for single “Sign Of The Dragonhead”, the stunning title track from their new album due [...]

November 29, 2017 Videos

Sunday Video Roundup: Pierce The Veil, As The Sun Sleeps, Vodun, WEAK13, Iron Reagan, Valeluna

Another mixed sextet banging your way on this day of rest and relaxation (well, for those of you not heading to a Krav Maga seminar – personally I intend to have very little of either…). Galactic Empire in Glasgow tonight [...]

February 12, 2017 Videos

Band of the Day: WEAK13

WEAK13 have been together since 1999, belting out low-tuned punk grunge industrial electro metal from a dirty garage in the back end of Kidderminster (probably. The Kidderminster bit’s true, but I don’t know if the garage is dirty or not). The [...]

May 2, 2014 Band of the Day