Vardis release new video/single, album coming soon

NWoBHM innovators Vardis released a new digital single and lyric video for the song "Let's Go Again (live)" today, taken from their upcoming live album 100M.P.H.@100CLUB. 100M.P.H.@100CLUB will be released on November 26th, 2021 through SPV/Steamhammer. Pre-orders are live now. Vardis: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | youtube

HRH NWOBHM – Sheffield O2 Academy, Dec 2-3 2016 [DAY 2]

After a good night's sleep and a big breakfast we head back to the arena for day 2 of HRH NWOBHM. Want to find out about what happened on Day 1? Check out the first part of this behemoth! The first band up today are Savage kicking things off upstairs on the smaller stage. Original … Continue reading HRH NWOBHM – Sheffield O2 Academy, Dec 2-3 2016 [DAY 2]

Wildfire 2016: Sunday Review

Words by Mosh, Ross Green (most of 'em!), Ryan Callander and Gary Cooper. Photos by Gary Cooper (the posh ones that aren't up yet!),  Mosh and Austin Avart. Edited together by Mosh. If you attend a festival and you’re there for the duration, Sunday is a weird day. The mood is evidently lower as everyone around … Continue reading Wildfire 2016: Sunday Review

Interview – Vardis at Wildfire 2016

Renewed and reinvented, classic rock act Quo Vadis returned a couple of years ago as the rebadged Vardis featuring original member Steve Zodiac - who had spent the intervening years working at a college, hiding his filthy rocking past from all and sundry! Fortunately now, though, they've returned and we had a chance for a … Continue reading Interview – Vardis at Wildfire 2016