…tot aus dem Wald update

...tot aus dem Wald - or Falk Hummel as he's probably better known to his friends - was an early "New Band of the Day" here, way back in June last year. The music has a style of its own. Very dark, quite a mash of sounds and what could be called "an acquired taste". … Continue reading …tot aus dem Wald update

New Band of the Day: …tot aus dem Wald

That's "Dead out of the Woods..." according to Google Translate. Now, I've done some weird stuff on here. Bands based around video games. Bands which promote self-harm and murder. Bands which use saxophones and bagpipes. But this takes the biscuit. ...tot aus dem Wald is a one-man band and that one man is Falk Hummel. … Continue reading New Band of the Day: …tot aus dem Wald