[email protected] Chapter 3 – Sanctuary, Burnley (10th November 2018)

Today’s event was the third and hopefully not final instalment in charity events supporting the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation at the Sanctuary. We assume most of you reading this will be aware of the terrible events regarding Sophie and if not please google it, visit their site and buy some merch or donate for a very … Continue reading [email protected] Chapter 3 – Sanctuary, Burnley (10th November 2018)

Donate to SOPHIE, enter draw for tons of great prizes

This, ladies and gentlemen, this is why our scene is so strong. Witch Tripper's bassist Stoph becomes that bit more haggered and worn in a week or so (14th June) and Facebook prompted him to collect donations for charity instead of birthday wishes, as it does. So he clicked some buttons, set up a donation page … Continue reading Donate to SOPHIE, enter draw for tons of great prizes

Asda selfies for S.O.P.H.I.E.!

John Matthews is a bit special. Taking-selfies-in-Asda type special. Fortunately he has many special friends who think this is funny. Enough that John's set up a JustGiving page whereby people can put in requests for Asda-related photographic japery in exchange for a donation to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Barely a day on and he's 43% … Continue reading Asda selfies for S.O.P.H.I.E.!

S.O.P.H.I.E. – The Album

I'm surprised this hasn't been done before, but Coffee Jingle Records have just announced a compilation album - due out at the end of May - in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The list of bands included is pretty damn impressive as well. The track list is below. The album is available for pre-order … Continue reading S.O.P.H.I.E. – The Album

Sophie Lancaster – 8 years on

Today marks eight years since the death of Sophie Lancaster. She was attacked and brutally beaten as she protected her boyfriend - who himself received terrible injuries - in Bacup, England. The assault took place on August 11th, 2007. Sophie's life support was switched off thirteen days later on the 24th. Her and her boyfriend's … Continue reading Sophie Lancaster – 8 years on

Lawnmower Deth hit Kickstarter target

Awesome news! Lawnmower Deth's Kickstarter campaign to re-issue the classic album "Ooh Crikey..." has hit its £7000 target. At the time of writing, the funds raised are on exactly that figure though that's no reason not to go and give them more of your cash. All proceeds from the re-issue will be going to the … Continue reading Lawnmower Deth hit Kickstarter target