Eluveitie / Arkona / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

[photos: Eluveitie / Arkona / Skalmold] [avatar user="Mosh" size="50" align="left" /]What a great folk metal line-up, featuring bands with different takes on the genre and from different places internationally - similar to the recent PirateFest at The Arches. First up were Icelandic sensations Skalmold who, it seems, are a jinxed band for me. Last time … Continue reading Eluveitie / Arkona / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

Skalmöld – new album details

The Viking Metallers from Reykjavík are back with a brand new album. Today the band has revealed the title, cover, track listing & release dates! The third studio album awaits you here with an unpronounceable name Með vættum and will be released on November 24th US/CAN and December, 1st in the UK on Napalm Records. … Continue reading Skalmöld – new album details

Arkona tour announced

Russian Pagan Folk Metal band Arkona have just released their brand new album Yav on Napalm Records (May 5th 2014 in the UK). The band is hitting the road for a big tour beginning in October and running through December all over Europe. To get a first taste of their powerful live performance, check the upcoming tour dates! The UK ones … Continue reading Arkona tour announced

Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

[Photos on Flickr as ever: Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold - all photos taken by Sean Merrigan, who also wrote the gig review as I was unable to attend. Thanks, Sean!] [avatar user="Sean" size="50" align="left" /]Hey folks, I'm Sean – a friend of Mosh and an avid follower of The Moshville Times. First of all … Continue reading Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

Týr Tour (with Finntroll and Skalmöld)

The Faroe Islands' most metal export, Týr, have just announced a hecker of a tour across most of Europe alongside Finntroll and Skalmöld. I'm not sure who's headlining, who's supporting etc., but they are playing a good number of UK/IE dates as detailed below. So if you like your metal Viking/Norse-flavoured then is is looking like a … Continue reading Týr Tour (with Finntroll and Skalmöld)