Free stuff!

Well, it's supposed to be a day for giving... Do note that one or two of these may be "free or make a donation". If you can stump up a few pounds, dollars or whatever then please do so. A lot of the bands covered here are unsigned so anything they can get back to … Continue reading Free stuff!

New Band of the Day: Sa-da-kO

Newly-confirmed to perform at Les-Fest 2014 are Southport's Sa-da-kO. Branding themselves as "metal", they're a five-piece chucking out a major amount of grooves, riffs and chugs which have impressed many members of the press and public. They also took part in 2013's Headbangers Balls tour, so doubly deserve some publicity. They've been together as a … Continue reading New Band of the Day: Sa-da-kO

Headbangers Balls – Scouse update

For those interested in going to the Liverpool show on the Headbangers Balls tour, the list of bands playing has just been announced: Bludvera Reign of Fury Sa-da-kO Ravenface The gig is at the Lomax in Liverpool on Friday 16th August. Tickets on sale soon. Headbangers Balls is a series of gigs set to raise … Continue reading Headbangers Balls – Scouse update