Album Review: Raventale – Planetarium II

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal. The listening of this new album started when the premiere of a song, "Route to Andromeda" was unveiled earlier last month. I was instantly struck by the absence of Athamas' singing. A sneak peak of the vocals featuring solely the composer, Astaroth, had previously been published on the facebook page … Continue reading Album Review: Raventale – Planetarium II

2019 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

Have I already said I hated the end of the year festivities? Exhausted, sick and grinchy me now delivers the year review. Albums: It was not a productive year for me when it came to publishing articles, a total of six. Yet it was for my favorite label Ashen Dominion. Their release Sheen and Misery … Continue reading 2019 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

Album Review : Raventale – Morphine Dead Gardens

Here is the second major release by Ashen Dominion, the brand new Raventale album. Initially a one-man project of Astaroth Merc that started in 2005, I had the opportunity to see them live twice though I remained inquisitive. Because Raventale is one curious beast. Fascinating, yet ever intriguing, I feel there's always some more to … Continue reading Album Review : Raventale – Morphine Dead Gardens

Exclusive preview: Raventale – Planetarium

Raventale's four-track album of atmospheric black metal Planetarium is out tomorrow... but you can listen to the whole thing right through here and now. From the depths of space (darker than black), under the cronyism of two shadowed moons in eclipse and the beasts (that dwell between the dimensions) the new order comes... and new chaos. … Continue reading Exclusive preview: Raventale – Planetarium