“Rammstein: Paris” DVD & cinema screenings

German industrial metal giants Rammstein have released two trailers for their latest live DVD Rammstein: Paris. The footage was recorded in Paris in 2012 during the band's Made In Germany tour and the film has been directed by Jonas Åkerlund - the man behind the music videos for "Mein Land", "Ich Tu Dir Weh", "Mann … Continue reading “Rammstein: Paris” DVD & cinema screenings

Review: Rammstein – XXI Klavier

Yesterday (11 November) Rammstein subtly released a new album XXI Klavier. On their official website the announcement simply reads: Rammstein - XXI Klavier, a collection of Rammstein songs arranged on piano, is now available on iTunes and Spotify. The track listing is as follows: Frühling in Paris Feuer und Wasser Nebel Sonne Klavier Wilder Wein … Continue reading Review: Rammstein – XXI Klavier

Rammstein – Waldbühne, Berlin (11th July 2016)

In April Rammstein announced two headline shows at the 22,000-capacity Waldbühne in Berlin on 8 and 9 July, following their run of European festival during the summer. After both shows sold out in seconds they announced a third show on 11 July, which proceeded to sell out just as quickly but I was lucky enough … Continue reading Rammstein – Waldbühne, Berlin (11th July 2016)

Classic Covers: Dobranotch – Du Hast

The Russians are a bizarre bunch but it takes some going to take one of the weirdest acts around in Rammstein and put an original twist on one of their songs. Dobranotch have done just that with this cover of "Du Hast". Enjoy! Dobranotch: official | facebook | vk https://youtu.be/3C04TKCce8s

Year in Review – Gigs (and which were the best?)

Well, December is almost over and it's time to dig through the reviews and see what I reckoned was the live musical high-point of the year. And it's bloody hard, believe me. If you just want to skip down to the bit where I try to make my mind up, scroll down until you see … Continue reading Year in Review – Gigs (and which were the best?)

Rammstein / Deathstars – Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

DON'T READ THIS REVIEW OR LOOK AT THE PICTURES IF YOU'VE GOT A TICKET FOR THE TOUR AND HAVEN'T SEEN THEM YET! SPOILERS AHOY [Talking of pictures, the full sets are on Flickr here: Deathstars and Rammstein (of which there are around 300!)] First of all "damn you, SECC, for not having an insurance policy … Continue reading Rammstein / Deathstars – Newcastle Metro Radio Arena