Patria release new single

Eminent Patria are out with new material! Patria is a metal band straight out of Brazil who mixes the style of South American and Scandinavian metal. And the result is a combination of necro Black Metal and experimental avant-garde music. "Symmetry of Imperfection" is a song where we’re going a bit further, mixing a few … Continue reading Patria release new single

100-Word Review: Patria – Individualism

Brazilian black metal for you now with Patria's fifth release, Individualism. Already on release through Indie Recordings. This one's already had some good reviews elsewhere and it's easy to see why. Or hear why, to be more accurate. With a very traditional black metal sound - strident guitars, vocals that sound like they're dripping blood and blasted … Continue reading 100-Word Review: Patria – Individualism

Patria sign to Indie Recordings

Hailing from Brazil, Patria is one of the most imminent black metal bands in South America today. They have 4 releases behind them, and will release Individualism via Indie Recordings on the 24th of April in the UK. This is what Øysten of Borknagard has to say about he upcoming release: "The most interesting and convincing … Continue reading Patria sign to Indie Recordings