RIP Vinnie Paul Abbott (1964 – 2018)

This story is all over the news this morning, so it's likely you already know about the untimely passing of drumming legend and Pantera founder Vinnie Paul Abbott. Aged only 54, there are no further details at present and the announcement was made on the Pantera facebook page. Vinnie, brother to Dimebag Darrell who was … Continue reading RIP Vinnie Paul Abbott (1964 – 2018)

Classic live recordings from Pantera and Soulfly to buy soon

These are mouthwatering, especially the Pantera one which is very much the band at its peak. The Pantera release is already available for pre-order with two tracks instantly downloadable. Here's the press release to give you all the delicious details. Dynamo Concerts is pleased to announce the release of a live album series – taken … Continue reading Classic live recordings from Pantera and Soulfly to buy soon

Top 15 Albums

I don't often do these things, but seeing as it's about music and a mate tagged me on facebook... I'm not going to tag anyone in response. If you want to do it, go ahead. I could list 200 on here, and if you asked me again in a week I'd probably change some of these. … Continue reading Top 15 Albums


9 year since one of metal's most wonderful talents was taken from us. Any excuse for a post which basically consists of a fuckload of Pantera videos... Fuck it, just go to YouTube and search for "Pantera" for more. Rest In Peace big guy. Related articles Honor Dimebag Darrell's Legacy … Continue reading DIMEBAG! DIMEBAG! DIMEBAG!

Dominate Your Kitchen!

Cooking... with Phil Anselmo!

Darrell Lance Abbott #DimeRIP

It's five years since metal lost one of its most talented guitarists in the shape of one Dimebag Darrell. Formerly of the now-defunct Pantera and at the time playing with his brother, Vince Abbott, in the band Damageplan. December 8th, 2004 is a date that will be remembered by pretty much everyone in the world … Continue reading Darrell Lance Abbott #DimeRIP