Norhod release video for “Bleeding Path”

Norhod's long-awaited official video for the song "Bleeding Path" is finally out.¬†This masterpiece is going to surprise and amaze you all! This is the return of "opera-core" at its best! This video has been produced by Armando Marchetti and Federico Morandi of Jackolantern Independent. Norhod's statement: It's very hard and strenuous play tied like puppets, … Continue reading Norhod release video for “Bleeding Path”

New Band of the Day: Norhod

From Italy spring forth Norhod, a symphonic death band who could be worth a few minutes of your time - maybe more. They formed in 2009, but went through various line-up changes until stabilising in 2011. Finally they were able to go into the studio and record the material they had been working on. The … Continue reading New Band of the Day: Norhod