Megaherz unveil cover for “Zombieland”

Welcome to Zombieland! With gloomy riffs, cool grooves and choruses that channeling the atmosphere of "The Walking Dead", the German Rockers Megaherz are back. The upcoming album Zombieland will be released on October 27th via Napalm Records and promises to be a milestone in the band's history. The eighth studio album presents itself with rich … Continue reading Megaherz unveil cover for “Zombieland”

Megaherz – new album details

I just had to put this on here for the publicity photos - love it! The South German Rockers Megaherz are set to release their eighth studio album, Zombieland, on November 3rd 2014 in UK via Napalm Records. The new album promises to be a milestone in the band's history and captivates with rich grooves, the band’s typical … Continue reading Megaherz – new album details