Top 15 Albums

I don't often do these things, but seeing as it's about music and a mate┬átagged me on facebook... I'm not going to tag anyone in response. If you want to do it, go ahead. I could list 200 on here, and if you asked me again in a week I'd probably change some of these. … Continue reading Top 15 Albums

Classic Covers: In The End by Ten Second Songs

Ten Second Songs is also known as Anthony Vincent. He's a voice-over artist who has a YouTube channel where he covers a single song in multiple styles, in one video. He published - with their blessing - his version(s) of Linkin Park's classic "In The End" (from when they were good) on September 2nd. As … Continue reading Classic Covers: In The End by Ten Second Songs

2012 – The Year in Albums

With the year in gigs covered, it's time to turn to the album releases of 2012. Note that these are just the albums I got - there are countless others, obviously! Albums listed are in no particular order. All That Remains - A War You Cannot Win Keeping their trademark dual vocal sound and with … Continue reading 2012 – The Year in Albums