Krushbanger’s Headballs – It’s OOooOOovvveeerrrr!

The final instalment from the God of Gobshite and his amazing talking testicles. What bands will he feature today? What sounds will erupt from his anus? Will he have any clean underwear? Will someone, please, for the love of all that's unholy give him a TV show? More publicity for the excellent upcoming Headbangers Balls … Continue reading Krushbanger’s Headballs – It’s OOooOOovvveeerrrr!

Head Krusherballs 5: The Testii of DOOOOOM

Here's Krusher's fifth (and I gather penultimate - that means "second last" to the hard of thinking) video plugging the Headbangers Balls concerts. Will someone please get this wrinkly old bastard a TV contract? He's funnier than anything else on at the moment. Nobody does a stinky arse gag like Krusher. Or maybe it's just … Continue reading Head Krusherballs 5: The Testii of DOOOOOM

More shit from Krusher

And part four of Krusher's huge plug for the Headbangers Balls. Frankly, he should think about plugging his arse given the sounds that are coming out of it. All hail the testicles! Related articles Krusher's Back! ( Krusher interview (

Headbangers BallKrusher – part 3

Due to the wonder that is facebook trying to decide for me which posts I'd like to see and which I wouldn't (and royally fucking it up as ever), I missed part three of Krusher's wonderfully shit-laden preview of the Headbangers Balls. So. Here it is. Part four will follow momentarily as facebook very kindly decided … Continue reading Headbangers BallKrusher – part 3

Headbangers BallKrusher – part 2

Krusher is officially funnier than anything on TV. And that includes Archer. Now watch, have a giggle and throw your money at the Headbangers Balls.

Krusher’s Back!

And he's taking a shit. Yes, the legend has returned. After some time in relative obscurity, living on his little farm and gathering bits of his brain that had been failing him for a few years, Krusher Joule has made a hugely welcome return to the video-thing to help publicise some of the acts taking … Continue reading Krusher’s Back!