Headbangers Balls, Glasgow Classic Grand

[Photos from all bands on Flickr: Cnoc An Tursa / Reign of Fury / States of Panic / I Am I] Featuring I Am I, States of Panic, Reign of Fury and Cnoc An Tursa - all for a bargain ten quid and raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Brilliant stuff! So what do … Continue reading Headbangers Balls, Glasgow Classic Grand

Cover Song of the Day: I Am I – You’re the Voice

I was plodding through a few of I Am I's songs on YouTube as I'm off to see them as part of the Headbangers Balls tour next weekend. Unbeknownst to me, they do a cracking cover of the old John Farnham hit, "You're the Voice". So here it is. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/oz2j8v7oChk

New Band of the Day: I am I

I picked this bunch as they're playing the Headbangers Balls date in Glasgow on August 4th. I'd not heard of them before this, but it seems they're not as unknown as maybe I thought! From the advertising for the gig: The formidable driving force behind the band is the renowned vocalist ZP Theart. After his … Continue reading New Band of the Day: I am I

Bang Your Balls!

Or... something. Anyway, just to update a story from a couple of weeks ago. Headbangers Balls is a series of concerts coming up in July/August to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Reign of Fury's singer being given the "all clear" after a bout of testicular cancer. The gigs will raise money and awareness for the … Continue reading Bang Your Balls!