Metal Hammer Razor Tour II, Glasgow Cathouse

[Pics of three of the bands on Flickr via these links: Devil Sold His Soul / Heights / Heart of a Coward] Four bands, eight quid, beer for £2 a pint and t-shirts at a tenner. Can't turn that kind of an offer down. Especially when one of them is Heights. As ever, I managed … Continue reading Metal Hammer Razor Tour II, Glasgow Cathouse

EP review – Seed of Sadness

I received a random email through my blog a few weeks ago from Mike G, who's bassist with Greek metal band Seed of Sadness. He offered me a digital copy of their first professionally-recorded 5-track EP in exchange for a review. I've not had an offer like this in years, since the old "Mosher's Music Page" … Continue reading EP review – Seed of Sadness

Why I love heavy metal. By Mosh, aged 37 (just)

I got dragged out to Ivory Black's in Glasgow after the Taste of Chaos tour on Saturday night. I gather it's cheaper than the Classic Grand and full of less kiddies than the Cathouse. It was also flipping near empty! A shame as the music was excellent. The point of this post, though. As I … Continue reading Why I love heavy metal. By Mosh, aged 37 (just)

Who the hell is…?

Well, after being out of the country for a couple of years and (happily) ignoring television, radio and the tabloids I find myself drowning in a sea of recently famous people. Now, whether they'll be Beatles-famous or one-album-then-ditched famous, who knows. One thing that's getting me are the names they're using. I know you have … Continue reading Who the hell is…?

Vocal metal!

Came across this lot through a random posting on the Metal Hammer news pages. Van Canto are from Germany. They consist of 5 vocalists (1 hot female, four men - you judge if they're hot or not, I don't swing that way) and a drummer. They're a metal band. With no bass, guitars, keyboards... They've … Continue reading Vocal metal!