“That” GRAMMY award last night

I'm sorry - I actually applauded the GRAMMYs a couple of years ago when they awarded the "Best Rock/Metal" award to Halestorm on the basis that it might give a boost to new, hard-working bands. To then give this year's award to Tenacious D when the alternatives were stalwarts such as Motorhead and Anthrax just … Continue reading “That” GRAMMY award last night

In defence of Halestorm

Halestorm won a Grammy last night for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance", specifically for their track "Love Bites (So Do I)". As a result, they started to get a tirade of abuse from so-called "real metal" fans, such as those responding the Megadeth's congratulatory post on facebook¬†(you may need an fb account to read that). There … Continue reading In defence of Halestorm