Wildfire 2017: Saturday Review

Day two of this year’s festivities meant it was the inaugural day for the Moshville Times stage featuring gems like Empyre, AC Rid and Killatrix. Mosh and Nick will be reviewing that one. However, at 10am, it’s markedly quieter than this time yesterday as people trickle in and the stories of the night before start. … Continue reading Wildfire 2017: Saturday Review

Wildfire 2016: Saturday Review

Words by Mosh, Ross Green, Ryan Callander and Gary Cooper. Photos by Gary Cooper (the posh ones that aren't up yet!) and Mosh. Edited together by Mosh. We did most of the blether about the festival itself in the Friday review, so we'll jump straight in with the band coverage. Due to 5am partying, Ross missed the … Continue reading Wildfire 2016: Saturday Review