2020 Crew Review: Sean M – Contributor

It’s coming to the end of 2020 and on the whole, it’s been memorable for all the wrong reasons. Lockdown restrictions as a result of COVID-19 has greatly impacted most people’s lives in one way or another, and some semblance of normality still seems far away. However, the arts and entertainment has been one of … Continue reading 2020 Crew Review: Sean M – Contributor

Album Review: Finntroll – Vredesvävd

It’s hunting time again! After seven long years since their last LP, folk-metal's hard-partying trolls are back! I've been particularly excited about this album. Way back in 2013 I wrote my first ever article for Moshville Times reviewing Finntroll's gig in Glasgow on the Blodsvept over Europe tour. I was new to the band then … Continue reading Album Review: Finntroll – Vredesvävd

Interview: Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns of Finntroll

Finnish titans Finntroll are gearing up to release their brand new album Vredesvävd in a few weeks. Their first album in seven years, the album is the first with new drummer Mörkö and marks the long-awaited return of the band. Prior to the release, our senior editor had the opportunity to chat with vocalist Vreth … Continue reading Interview: Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns of Finntroll

Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

[Photos on Flickr as ever: Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold - all photos taken by Sean Merrigan, who also wrote the gig review as I was unable to attend. Thanks, Sean!] [avatar user="Sean" size="50" align="left" /]Hey folks, I'm Sean – a friend of Mosh and an avid follower of The Moshville Times. First of all … Continue reading Finntroll / Tyr / Skalmold – Classic Grand, Glasgow

Týr announce “Valkyrja”, launch single

Valkyrja, the 7th full-length album from the Faroe Islands natives Týr, will be released on September 16th in the UK. Týr once again collaborated with Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. Along with Hansen, the band recruited acclaimed drummer George Kollias to act as studio drummer and Leaves' Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine joined vocalist/guitarist … Continue reading Týr announce “Valkyrja”, launch single

Týr Tour (with Finntroll and Skalmöld)

The Faroe Islands' most metal export, Týr, have just announced a hecker of a tour across most of Europe alongside Finntroll and Skalmöld. I'm not sure who's headlining, who's supporting etc., but they are playing a good number of UK/IE dates as detailed below. So if you like your metal Viking/Norse-flavoured then is is looking like a … Continue reading Týr Tour (with Finntroll and Skalmöld)