Album Review: Fiddler’s Green – Heyday

We get tons of new music by new bands, but occasionally you get hold of a band that's new to you and you wonder how you've not heard of them despite them being on the go for almost 30 years. The upside is now that you've fallen in love with their new album, there's tons … Continue reading Album Review: Fiddler’s Green – Heyday

Big Fiddler’s Green giveaway

German rockers Fiddler's Green dropped their new album Heyday at the start of March and it's a belter. Check out the video for "No Anthem" with echoes of Die Toten Hosen below. For almost 30 years, Fiddler's Green have been playing the role of the indomitable Gaulish Village among Germany’s indigenous rock bands. Their form of … Continue reading Big Fiddler’s Green giveaway