XLR8R – official reissues

For long-time readers of the page and/or Geordie rock music fans who were kicking about on the "Hippy Square" in the nineties, XLR8R are a band you may have heard of. Playing fairly regularly across the city and surrounds and winners of at least one Radio 1 Rock War (including one night when most of … Continue reading XLR8R – official reissues

Arch Stanton re-recording and re-release

For those who don't know, or who've not been reading this page for ages, Ed Box was once upon a time part of Newcastle-based rock phenomenon XLR8R. An incredible band who had the bad luck to be at the top of their game at a time when the record companies decided that rock was dead … Continue reading Arch Stanton re-recording and re-release

Ed Box – new album out soon

Forever known to me as "that guy what was in XLR8R with those other guys", guitarist supremo Edward Box has a new album out. Motion Control is due for release on November 24th and will be available as a download and as a physical release. Below is a video preview of two of the tracks … Continue reading Ed Box – new album out soon