Review: Dorje – Centred and One

Dorje are a band relatively new to me, having witnessed them at this year’s Wildfire Festival. They’ve been knocking around for a few years now and with this, their third EP, it’s a testament to hard work paying off. Centred and One has some great things going for it, mainly the skill on display from … Continue reading Review: Dorje – Centred and One

Wildfire 2016: Sunday Review

Words by Mosh, Ross Green (most of 'em!), Ryan Callander and Gary Cooper. Photos by Gary Cooper (the posh ones that aren't up yet!),  Mosh and Austin Avart. Edited together by Mosh. If you attend a festival and you’re there for the duration, Sunday is a weird day. The mood is evidently lower as everyone around … Continue reading Wildfire 2016: Sunday Review