Classic Covers: WEAK13 – Halo

As we approach the end of the year, it's good to look backwards as well as forwards... and what better way of doing that than with a classic cover? Especially one of a song that's not exactly recent. Underground British band rock WEAK13 shocked many of their supporters due to a surprise collaboration with top … Continue reading Classic Covers: WEAK13 – Halo

Review: In Flames – Down, Wicked & No Good

In Flames kept this one under their hat... We weren't allowed to tell you about this EP until today - when they release it! Four cover songs by quite the variety of original artists by Swedish multi-genre specialists In Flames. Confession - I was only really familiar with one of the original artists, so I went … Continue reading Review: In Flames – Down, Wicked & No Good

Classic Covers: Depeche Mode – “Heroes”

After including a cover of David Bowie’s "Heroes" in their Global Spirit Tour set list in Europe and North America, Depeche Mode today released a video of their haunting, emotionally-charged version of the song. While Depeche Mode maybe don't fit within our usual remit, this version of the Bowie classic is every bit as good … Continue reading Classic Covers: Depeche Mode – “Heroes”