Interview: Jacob Lilly (Chamber)

One of the most incendiary metalcore acts on the scene today are Chamber. With new vocalist Jacob Lilly at the helm the band are going from strength to strength. Having terrorised UK audiences earlier this year the band are just about to unleash their debut album Cost Of Sacrifice (reviewed earlier this week) so Peter … Continue reading Interview: Jacob Lilly (Chamber)

Album Review: Chamber – Cost Of Sacrifice

Famed for country music Nashville, Tennessee might not be your first thought when thinking of quality metalcore. Well think again because Chamber have come to blow your preconceptions away with their incendiary debut album Cost Of Sacrifice. Cost Of Sacrifice is a clean slate in many ways. The band's last EP, Ripping / Pulling / … Continue reading Album Review: Chamber – Cost Of Sacrifice

All of today’s new videos (Oct 15th 2020)

We used to put up the top five videos we received each day, but it got to be a lot of work narrowing them down, editing, publishing and so on. We get so many is, especially on a Friday when we've had 50-60 before! It's a shame not to share them, so here's a big … Continue reading All of today’s new videos (Oct 15th 2020)