Random band widget!

If you cast your eyes to the side of the screen (and down a bit... keep going... bit more... wait, you can't read this any more. Arse) then you'll see the "Random Band of the Day" widget. When I started working on this page in anger, my aim was to have a "New Band of … Continue reading Random band widget!

Small page change

[Header image courtesy of bogdanpo] I've decided to drop the "New" from "New Band of the Day" forthwith. This does not mean that I'm going to open the floodgates to covering well established, headline acts - they'll still remain as fodder for the "Oldie But Goldie" category. It's just that quite a few acts I've … Continue reading Small page change

A call for bands!

I have a list of around 25 bands waiting to be added to the NBotD roster, but I'm always happy to have more! As long as you're fine with an indeterminate wait then please do let me know about your band (or your mate's band, or the one you heard opening for some other bunch … Continue reading A call for bands!

New Bands – a quick bit of waffle

I'm finding that the New Band of the Day posts are pretty popular, especially from the point of view of the bands I'm covering! I'll definitely be continuing with these and, in fact, am focussing on them more than most other stuff. At the moment, I have 24 bands in the "to do" list and … Continue reading New Bands – a quick bit of waffle