Update from Bhayanak Maut

Vinay Venkatesh, one of the singers with Bhayanak Maut and also the vocalist with Reptilian Death, dropped me a line after I featured the bands in the NBotD slot. He just wanted to a) say thanks (he's very welcome!) and b) inform me that Bhayanak Maut are working on some new material and hope to have … Continue reading Update from Bhayanak Maut

New Band of the Day: Bhayanak Maut

A first for the NBotD feature - a group from India. Someone posted on the "I fucking love heavy metal" group on facebook recently asking if there were any decent Indian bands, and the first response was for them to check out Bhayanak Maut. Their name, for those who don't speak Hindi, translates as "Terrible Death", … Continue reading New Band of the Day: Bhayanak Maut